Scuba Photos

Blackbeard’s Dive Cruise
Pirate’s Lady – Bimini – October, 20-26, 2001

Select any of the sub-pages of this page in the top menu above to see photos for those dates. Each sub-page contains thumbnails of the photos for that period. Clicking on any thumbnail will bring up the same full size photo. These are 1024×768, and very large, so if you have a slow modem connection, the large photos could take a long time to load and display.

If you have other digital photos of this trip to share, perhaps as a result of having your 35mm photos also captured to a Photo CD when they were developed, and would like for me to post them to this site, please send them to me as individual EMail attachments.

See also Mike Fendt’s site at: Mike was also on the same cruise, and has posted selected cuts of his underwater digital videos of this trip, as well as additional photos and a scan of the map of dive sites we visited. (Mike has since removed these, but I will see if I can get them for posting on this site).

Blackbeard’s Cruises Web Site: I have granted permission for them to post some of my photos on their site. See if you can spot which ones!

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