Pirates Billiards Graphics

Pirates Billiards Team T-Shirt Designs and Logos – Official Pirates Use Only!

Maroon Pirates – Positive on White (For paper printing)

Maroon Pirates – Positive on Grey (For grey T-shirt)

Maroon Pirates – Negative Image (For T-shirt papers that requires it)

Gold Pirates Retro Image, and Reversed version of same

Gold Pirates Publisher File and Reversed version of same

Pirates Name Image and Reversed version of same

The images are all large format standard tif files, and can be edited in any photo or image editor that supports tif. The bandanas, skull, smoke and most other components can be "bucket filled" with whatever colors are needed. It may take a couple of fills to get the various bandana and skull areas re-colored. Watch out for color bleed, which may happen if you bucket fill a segment of the image and it bleeds into other unintended segments. This happens when there is not a clear border between the two colors.

If you want, you can also use a graphics program, such as Publisher, to print the Pirate’s name on the same sheet, and iron it onto the front of the shirt. All of a team’s member names can also be combined on one "Team Roster" sheet as many times as needed, and cut up into sections for each Pirate after printing. Remember that all images must be reversed before printing!

The images are sized and formatted to work with Office Depot, OfficeMax, Avery or other Iron-on 8-1/2 x 11 transfer papers. These are located in the specialty papers sections of the office supply and computer stores. There is a standard transfer paper for light fabrics, and another for darker fabrics. For grey or black T-shirts, use the dark fabric transfer paper. The only problem is that after printing the image, you will need to trim the excess paper from around the image before ironing, and be careful about placement!!

The Publisher files are the easiest to work with. Depending on the version of Publisher you have, and the print driver’s capabilities, you may be able to work with the non-reversed files, and in the Publisher print setup, specify HP Iron-On paper and Mirror Image, and let the print diver do all the work!

For Captains that need help, I can edit / make images with other team names and colors with same designs. Just Email me the specs and send $25 check or money order for design work and 16 iron-on sheets. I will also need a sample shirt of the color of your choice, so I can set them up with the best contrast. Allow a week for turn-around. I will send you back the sample shirt with one design already on it, plus 15 extra sheets printed and ready to trim and iron on. Finished designs will be added to this list and web page for re-use whenever needed.

T-Shirts: I have had pretty good luck with the heavy duty cotton Ts, and with some of the lighter fabrics as well. For the Maroon Pirates, I chose a medium grey. You may need to play around with different color schemes for the cue sticks and skull to get good contrast on the shirts you want. 

Wash ability: Not as good as the professional printing, and there is some color fade, but overall, not bad. Just wask cold/gentle or warm/gentle and tumble or line dry.

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