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Personalized Home / Small Office Computer
and Website Consulting, Support, Training

Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

In this fast paced and busy world, it is often difficult to find time during the hectic business day to deal with home and small business computer issues and needs. In addition, some high-profile individuals prefer to avoid public PC classes and shopping. For these reasons, we offer personalized in-home PC computer support services with convenient evening and weekend appointments to suit your schedule. These are personalized to your specific needs and budget, so you purchase only the exact services you need. Of course, for the home office user and others with more flexible schedules, weekday appointments are also available.

Some of the services now available are listed below. Please call for a personalized estimate, or if you need a service not listed.

  • Computer and software needs analysis, budgeting, selection and help with shopping. In many cases, the savings you may achieve could pay for this service.
  • Pickup, delivery and/or installation of computer, printer, multi-function devices, UPS devices, and any other peripherals you may purchase from a retail store or by internet order.
  • Planning and installation of hardware upgrades, such as: CPU, memory, motherboards, larger disks, CDRW and DVD drives,  tape backups, modems, printers, etc.
  • Planning and installation of home networking routers, hubs, network cards, cable modems, including sub-contracting of special cabling if a licensed electrician required.
  • Consultation and planning for your "E-Ready" new home. Many developers are now including pre-installed advanced communications and computing wiring systems with their new home packages.
  • Installation and advanced setup of your computer software for optimal safe computing, including operating system options, internet browser options, multi-user security options, anti-virus software, internet security and firewall software, etc.
  • Planning and execution of operating system upgrades. These can be tricky, and can cause serious application software problems if not accomplished properly.
  • Basic computer software training, including: Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office applications, disk management, and home network administration, to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • Training for advanced Internet usage, to help you maximize you online experience, while keeping costs and risks to a minimum.
  • Training and consultation for internet genealogy research. This fast growing hobby is a great way to get the whole family involved in a wholesome internet pastime.
  • Personal / family / small business web site planning, development and support, including "boot strap" web site development and support basic training to help you do it yourself. Domain names and website hosting are very inexpensive now, so why not take advantage of it!
  • Problem determination and resolution, including: Virus detection and elimination, Operating system re-installation, resolving hardware and software conflicts, etc. This can usually be done in one session in your home, avoiding aggravating down time associated with taking your system to a shop, where you may not get it back for several days.
  • For small businesses, consultation and setup for internet marketing, including Google AdWords, Google Base, Google Local, website pages with search engine friendly attributes, and Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for advanced website traffic monitoring and management..

About Me:

In addition to my Real Estate career, I have been involved in business computing and related technologies since 1968, and personal computing since 1983, when I sold and supported the very first IBM PCs, software and LAN systems from a retail store in my home town of San Antonio, TX. Since that time, I have continued to be involved in personal computing and networking technologies, and am always current with the latest developments and systems. I have installed and operate a small home network, with a high-speed broadband internet WAN connection, and have a special interest in online genealogy research. I have developed and maintained websites using Microsoft Front Page, Expression Web, and with the Joomla and WordPress CMS systems. My own home PCs have been constantly expanded and upgraded over the years, and there is little I have not seen or experienced in accomplishing these upgrades.

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