About Ron

About Ron Goodman

Ron father was a USAF “Lifer”, serving in the US Army Air Corp during WW II, and in the US Air Force until 1969. Ron grew up on various US Air Force bases in the southern US, so is a “Military Brat”, and proud of it!

After graduating from Thomas Jefferson HS in San Antonio, Texas, Ron entered the military himself, first for a short stint at the US Coast Guard Academy, then for four years in the US Air Force, serving in central California for two years, then Germany for two more years during the Viet Nam era. He attained the rank of Staff Sergeant (E5).

After his military service, Ron returned to San Antonio, where he started as a computer programmer/analyst, and worked his way up to “Programming Manager” at two local banks. While working full time, he also attended San Antonio College in the evenings, working toward an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming. He then took a position as a “Sales Support Analyst” for a national computer company, traveling all around the country with the Regional Sales Manager for the company. When that company was bought out, the experience was was enough to convince Ron to remain in sales, at least for a while.

He then joined a small national software company as a Regional Sales Manager, selling the then new concept of online programming to companies large and small in the southwestern US, covering 8 states. The company later added computer terminals and a brand new product: in the market: micro computers, to the same customer base. This was several years before the term “PC” was ever invented!

Tiring of the constant travel, Ron went into business for himself, developing and selling specialized loan accounting and inventory management software for the new IBM PC platform for “Buy-Here-Pay-Here” auto dealers. This business, though lucrative for awhile, never really took off, so it was back to the corporate IT world and moved to Denver. His first job there was a consulting contract for mainframe programming for a regional insurance company. When that contract ended, he went to work for a Denver software company that was among the first to develop loan origination software for the new IBM PCs. He started off as a technical sales consultant, then Manager of Customer Support, then Product Manager for the company.

His next job was several years back in the mainframe IT world, this time as Systems Programming Manager for a large computer service bureau that ran multiple mainframes at sites around the country for large banks and S & Ls. It was about this time that Ron met his current wife, Gayle. When the S&L crash hit in the mid-1980s, that company downsized and Ron’s position was eliminated. Ron then immediately relocated to a similar position for a large bank in Jacksonville, Florida, a position that his previous manager had actually located and recommended him for. After just a few years there, downsizing caught up with him again. This time, he found another mainframe IT job as a Senior Manager of a small team of programmers in a company that did automobile loan and lease servicing.

After 5 years there, reorganization and downsizing hit again. Rather than relocate to South Florida, Ron decided to change careers, and become a real estate agent. This he did for two years in Jacksonville, until his wife Gayle was offered a position back in Denver that could not be turned down. They relocated back to Denver, where Ron continues his real estate career, ans is now Owner/Managing Broker of his own firm, Denver Home Value Realty.

Ron also still keeps his fingers in the IT world, doing php programming and building and supporting websites for his own business and for other real estate brokers around the country.

Ron’s Hobbies

He enjoys team billiards (APA 8-ball rank 4), bowling, tennis, snow skiing, bicycling, sail boarding, boating and cruising vacations.

Ron is also recognized nationwide as one of the most knowledgeable genealogists of the Goodman and related surnames, and has published his extensive genealogy research on his Goodman History web site. Ron plays 8-ball and 9-ball billiards in local leagues.

SCUBA is another of his interests, and he has many stories and photos of his SCUBA adventures to share on other pages of this website.

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